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Timber and Parquetry flooring ideas




Welcome to see our selection of timber, plank, parquetry and strip flooring. 

Offering craftmanship services with peace of mind quality that lasts a life time. 

Over 40 years experience- exclusively in timber, wood, plank and parquetry flooring were able to give the most honest and helpful advice to best suits your requirements. 

Australian Parquet Industries- inconjunction with Thrust Floors International establishment- Mr Swindale has for over 43 years headed organisations specialising in the design, manufacture, marketing and installation of parquet specialised wood floor systems, throughout Australia.   For twenty (20) years, Mr Swindale owned and operated the George Hudson Parquetry Flooring Group throughout Australia, incorporating the following Companies: George Hudson Parquetry Manufacturers Pty Ltd, Extensive Administration: As Chairman Managing Director of the largest manufacturer / installer of parquet in Australia, Mr Swindale has largely been responsible for the widespread marketing, sale and installation of a very broad range of Parquet Specialty Wood Floor products and systems and has personally had a major influence on the trends in style design of Wood Flooring in Australia.     

Mr Swindale has been responsible for the Design and Marketing of new Wood Floor concepts and systems which have been recognised by the awarding of an Australian Design Award. Mr Swindale is regularly used as a Consultant to Commonwealth and State Departments, Architects, Engineers and Acoustical Engineers and Interior Designers, in the design and formulation of specifications applicable to a wide range of specialised conditions. During the past 43 years Mr Swindale has been responsible for the Design, Manufacture, Sale and/or Installation for a great majority of the Parquet and Speciality Wood Floors installed in prime Public Buildings in all States and Territories of Australia. Following the sale of the George Hudson Parquet Flooring Group, Mr Swindale then established the following companies which he owns and operates:- 

Australian Parquet Industries Pty Ltd 

Australian Parquet Manufacturing Pty Ltd 

Thrust Floors International Pty Ltd   (ABN 33 002 817 450)